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Aviator is a unique gambling game, which, unlike many slot machines, allows you to get impressive winnings in seconds. The initial bet can be increased, for example, by 100 times. If you put $1, you can win $100 and if you go for the maximum bet of $100, you can count on a dizzying $10,000!

Aviator Games is a gambling product of a fundamentally new level. Here you do not need to have outstanding mathematical skills, hours to work out the strategy - everyone can win money. The model works on the basis of random number generation, so the results may not affect the employees of the casino. By the way, in the case of the Aviator Spribe operates proven honesty, which ensures - the player will not be cheated!

aviator game

Interestingly, Aviator has become one of the most frequently launched games in the period from 2020 to 2022 - as indicated by the statistics of time-tested casinos.

Trade name Aviator
Developer Spribe
Year of issue 2020
RTP 97%
Minimum rate $1
Maximum rate $100
Coefficients x1 – x200
Modes Demo/For money

Playing for real money

Aviator is a unique opportunity to become a pilot of an airplane for a while, the goal of which is to reach the highest point of flight. The player's earnings depend on it - the higher the Aviator airplane, the higher the coefficient, and thus the prize money.

aviator game

The task of the gambler is to stop the plane in time. In other words - to timely click on the cashout button, because otherwise the plane will fly far off the screen, and have to start all over again.

Many players manage to earn on short takeoffs, while others prefer to take risks and lead the pilot to the maximum altitude. The main thing is not to let the excitement take over reason - with this approach to multiply the bet several times will not be difficult!

Aviator Features:

  • The multiplier starts at 1x and grows in parallel with the climb - as long as the pilot takes off, the multiplier increases;
  • The winnings will be multiplied by the odds that the plane managed to reach before the cashout;
  • Before the start of each round, the GCI generates a flight algorithm in which the aircraft gains altitude and completes the flight;
  • The honesty of the entertainment can be checked directly in the product menu.

The essence of the game Aviator

The essence of the game Aviator simple - you need to make a bet, wait for the start of the round and time to stop the pilot, which rushes upwards. However, in order to get the opportunity to play for money, you need:

  • Register at the casino site where the Aviator game is presented.
  • Verify your account - to do this upload scans of your passport or any other document that proves your identity.
  • Make a deposit - the amount of the minimum deposit depends on the policy of the gambling service provider.
  • Find the Aviator slot machine and make a bet.
Next, the player has to watch how the plane gains altitude, and at the same time the betting odds increase. Gambler's task is to stop the flight in time, because if the board leaves the playing field, the bet will go to the casino. Despite this, many players manage to earn a lot of money, and for many Aviator has become the main source of income.

aviator casino game

Moreover, if a player has no experience, he can run the game in demo mode, slowly learn the rules, to assess the speed of the aircraft.

In the gaming round, you can make more than one bet, so there is a high chance that if you lose one bet, the second will play into the hands of the gambler.

What you need to know when playing Aviator for the first time

Aviator Spribe game is a modern development, which is based on advanced technology and traditional for gambling products random number generator. Provably Fair system is used, which is a special algorithm that is a guarantee of fair winnings.

At the first paid game in the plane gambler should take into account the following parameters:

  • At start the coefficient is always x1, but with each second it increases, and continues to grow until the airborne is outside the screen.
  • The coefficients grow at different rates - slow, medium and fast.
  • The time of the round is variable and can vary from ten seconds to half a minute - it all depends on the second at which the player stops the flight.
  • Aviator differs from many other gaming machines by the level of payoff. Here the RTP rate is 97% - the value says the chances of the return of funds to the user.
  • Aviator can be run on desktop computers and laptops, but for those who prefer to enjoy gambling on small screens, there are versions for smartphones based on operating systems Android and iOS.
  • Before the game it is possible to get acquainted with the live statistics - it shows all bets of the player and other users.
  • Play entertainment can be for money or free - it all depends on the budget gambler and the goal that he pursues in the gambling area - adrenaline and pleasure from the process or to receive cash prizes.

How to play Aviator Spribe

The interface of the Aviator machine is implemented at a professional level. On the playing field there are no extra buttons and elements that could distract from the process. To make a bet to replenish the gaming account in the casino, choose the desired amount and click on the button "Put". If you want you can make a second bet - it budep play along with the first. To do this, click on the icon "+", which is located in the right corner of the field.

To stop the flight is enough to click on the button "checkout". If the gambler has time to click on it before the plane flies off the screen, he will win a prize in the form of the stake, multiplied by the coefficient.

spribe's aviator game

It happens that the gambler can not pay much attention to the gameplay. To do this, you can use the automatic game. To activate it, just click on the eponymous button placed in the betting box. After enabling auto-mode, the system will bet for the player before each new round. To pick up your winnings, you can click on the cashout yourself or activate the auto function.

Aviator Games features

The functions of the apparatus are represented by:

  1. Free and paid play;
  2. Possibility to make one or two bets;
  3. Auto play and automatic withdrawal of winnings;
  4. Live stats for controlling bets and getting acquainted with the winnings of other players.

Also, the slot machine is complemented by technology Provably Fair, which protects the player from tampering

What casino sites are available game Aviator

Aviator Games is a modern game, which, thanks to its simple design and clear rules, instantly became popular with a large number of players. That is the reason why Aviator is placed on the sites of many famous casinos. We strongly recommend choosing to play only verified gambling clubs that guarantee timely payments.

Frequently asked questions

  • How long does the game in Aviator Spribe last?

  • A single game round can go on for 8-30 seconds - much depends on the odds at which the plane flies off the screen. As long as it grows, the round continues.
  • Maximum and minimum rates in Aviator

  • The minimum bet is $1, the maximum is $100. The user can bet any amount within these figures.
  • Minimum and maximum odds in Aviator Spribe

  • The lowest coefficient is x1, the maximum is x200.
  • Can I play Aviator for free?

  • Yes, the game is available in a demo version. Demo gives the opportunity to assess the features of the game, to try strategies that increase the chances of winning prizes.